Chief Investigator Michael Melchionne (retired)
Chief Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty Investigator

Chief Investigator Melchionne started his career 1975.  He recently retired after having been an animal control officer for 38 years. He attended the first Animal Control Officers class in 1983 as well as the first Animal Cruelty Investigators Course in 2001. In 1985 he founded and was the first President of the New Jersey Certified Animal Control Officers Association and currently serves as their Executive Board Advisor and Administrator. Chief Melchionne attended and graduated from the Passaic County Police Academy as a Class II Special Police Officer. Investigator Melchionne attended John Hopkins University and holds a certificate for "Non-Profit Business and Management". He served as the Director of Animal Welfare Services for St Hubert’s Giralda. Investigator Melchionne then designed, implemented, and managed the Gloucester County Animal Control Program and Animal Shelter Operations. He served as Chief Animal Control Officer/Animal Cruelty Investigator for Stafford Township managing a staff of three full time and three part time ACO’s covering 5 local jurisdictions. Chief Melchionne has been appointed by two New Jersey Governors to serve on two State councils/task forces. Among his numerous NJ State certifications he is a certified Police Academy Instructor under the NJ Police Training Commission. Chief Melchionne volunteered and spent 10 days in Louisiana after Katrina rescuing animals left by their owners. Investigator Melchionne sits on several boards of directors including as an advisor to the NJ Animal Welfare Federation. Chief Melchionne owns several cats, a Brittany spaniel and a working organic farm in Pennsylvania with numerous rescued animals.Chief Investigator Melchionne is still considered the "GO TO" person for NJ Animal Control Officer and Animal Cruelty Investigator Issues.

William J. Zaorski, J.D.
Deputy Attorney General of the N.J. Division of Criminal Justice (retired)

Mr. Zaorski, a recently retired deputy attorney general of the N.J. Division of Criminal Justice, developed the instructor resource material on Use of Force, Search and Seizure and other criminal law subjects taught in all police academies in the State. He has taught Use of Force, Search and Seizure and other subjects in courses conducted by the Division of Criminal Justice. He has lectured on search and seizure and other criminal law subjects at training programs for law enforcement officers throughout the State. He has developed special seminars on such topics as: Street Encounters of All Kinds; Legal Aspects of Interrogation 202; The Many Faces of Probable CauseAnatomy of a Search Warrant Affidavit; Investigating a Domestic Violence Case He is a graduate of Seton Hall Law School and is a member of the State bar. He served a clerkship with the N. J. Appellate Division. He attended the Federal Bureau of Investigation National Law Institute. He was an Assistant Prosecutor in Monmouth County. He is a practitioner of Aikido, a Japanese martial art.

John C. Saccenti
President, Founder and Chief Educator for CDI

John C. Saccenti attended Fordham University where he received his Bachelors in Education, Masters in Education and Political Science, as well as his Educational Specialist Degree. After service as an Army officer and undercover work with the FBI, Mr. Saccenti served as a teacher and administrator before working with the New Jersey Division of Criminal Justice. Before his retirement from that agency, his primary responsibility was the development of all Basic Law Enforcement Training. His work included the design and writing of the Basic Course for Investigators, the redesign and writing of the Basic Course for Police Officers and other major basic and advanced law enforcement courses.

Mr. Saccenti served as President of the National Association of Local Boards of Health and advised the US Surgeon General and the White House on public health policy. He has served as a consultant to the Office of the Attorney General, Office of Counter-Terrorism. He currently serves as a consultant to the United States Department of Justice. Mr. Saccenti is a nationally known speaker on public health, law enforcement and training development and management. He is the author of many articles on both law enforcement training and public health and serves as an adjunct professor at several New Jersey colleges.

Michael S. Richmond, JD

Michael has been a New Jersey attorney for forty years and served as a Municipal Prosecutor for more than 25 years. His work included representing health officials in Municipal Court and advising on enforcement methods. He also served as an Assistant Township Attorney, attorney to the Fire Prevention Bureau, and Fire Districts. He developed the program Laws, Investigation and the Courtroom for Health Officer and Registered Environmental Health Specialists. He is the co-author of the book New Jersey Municipal Court Practice published by Gann Law Books. He is also the Director of Continuing Education for Career Development Institute, Kendall Park, NJ. He conducts numerous seminars and workshops on legal issues and courtroom procedures for several different code enforcement specialties. He is a graduate of the University of Kansas School of Law. He is a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association where he serves on the Municipal Court Section and the Animal Law Committee. He will be serving on the Compliance Subcommittee of the Committee of the Department of Health reviewing the Public Health Practice Standards of Performance for Local Boards of Health in New Jersey.

Greg O’Connor
Founder and Chief Instructor, Aikido Centers of New Jersey, Inc.

Greg O’Connor is the founder and chief instructor of Aikido Centers of New Jersey (ACNJ). He is a professional Aikido Instructor with 35 years experience in Aikido—a Japanese close-quarters throwing, pinning and come-along art. Greg’s background in martial arts also includes expertise in such disciplines as Japanese-Okinawan karate, Japanese sword (Iaido), Japanese bow (Kyudo) as well as traditional wrestling and grappling. As one of the top ranking Aikido professionals in the United States and abroad, Greg is widely respected for both his Aikido skills and teaching abilities. For over 35 years, Greg has trained and advised all levels of law enforcement including New Jersey Municipal and County Police, New Jersey State Police, New Jersey Corrections Officers, Parole Officers, Undercover Officers, Diplomatic Security, U.S. Secret Service as well as U.S. Military, private security and first responders. Greg has authored two books: The Aikido Student Handbook (1993 - North Atlantic Books/Frog Ltd) and The Elements of Aikido (1997 - Element Books/Harper Collins/Create Surge).



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